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TCSYO Summer Camp (2010)

In June 2022, Dr. Collins moved to Saint Augustine, Florida from Northern Virginia, leaving behind a highly competitive and sought-after Youth Orchestra―The Capitol Symphonic Youth Orchestras (TCSYO).

Dr. Collins had a thriving private studio where she taught violin performance to aspiring players from ages 6 to 20. Her students won national and international competitions and performed in such great halls as Carnegie Hall, Schlesinger Concert Hall, the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the White House. They were consistently accepted, with scholarships, to the world's premier music conservatories.

The most powerful recommendations come directly from students and parents. Below are emails and notes Dr. Collins received that she wanted to share.

Email to Dr. Collins from a parent:
“THANK YOU Dr. Cheri Collin for your ever present enthusiasm and talent!!! I just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know that my daughter had a wonderful time during this past two weeks participating in TCSYO’ Summer Strings Camp. It was one of the most well organized music camps I have ever experienced. She was challenged musically and as a result her playing improved greatly. She will definitely plan to attend next year.”

Email to Dr. Collins from a parent:
"Sunday's concert was magical: Cheri, you launched the chamber orchestra into the stratosphere - they sounded beautiful, especially the Bach and Deerpath Triptych.
And the Symphonic Orchestra was a revelation to us -- we had no idea they tackled such complex and moving music with such a big sound. In fact, a family friend was so moved, she wants to resume taking music lessons as an adult."
Note to TCSYO Board of Directors from a parent:
"The Shostakovich was fascinating, deep, and very well delivered. Although some anguish on the part of the composer was never very far away, it seemed to fit together better than expected after reading the program notes. All of this was a very enjoyable evening and a testament to the capability, high standards, leadership and judgment of Dr. Collins. Thank you for the valuable training and the good music you drew from
the kids. Bravo."
Email to Dr. Collins from a parent:
"Thank you very much for your inspiration and guidance to all the students." "My son "absolutely loves the orchestra and is so energized after rehearsals that he bounces into the house--excitedly reporting all that he's worked on. 
As his mother, I'm thrilled to see his passion ignited and his ability honed.  Thank you."
Email to Dr. Collins from a teacher:
"I was extremely impressed with the performance yesterday given by both orchestras.
You are bringing new life to the Youth Orchestra Community in Virginia."
Email to Dr. Collins from a parent:
"We really appreciate the wonderful and fun environment your orchestra
provides to the young musicians."
Email to Dr. Collins from a student::
“I thought TCSYO Summer music camp was a blast. For two weeks we practiced many challenging pieces and thanks to Dr. Collins in just a few days we sounded like pros. I want to come back next year.”

Email to Dr. Collins from a parent:
" -- I neglected to say it earlier, but thank you for the opportunity to experience Carnegie with these kids! The performance was amazing and the whole thing was very well organized. They will remember this for a lifetime."


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